How To Record & Edit Videos In TikTok

How To Record & Edit Videos In TikTok


You have gone through endless hours watching TikTok videos, preparing your For You page to match your skills, and making sense for others that you are not excessively old for TikTok. Presently you need to post your own. Initial step? Figure out how to edit videos on Tiktok.

We realize it tends to be cumbersome to learn (and follow) the editing patterns, unwritten principles, and best practices for making videos for TikTok. Fortunately, you don’t require proficient video creation abilities to excel on TikTok.

To assist you with getting everything rolling on your TikTok maker venture, we’ve gathered together 5 innovative methods for making and editing TikTok videos.

How To Film TikToks

You have two options for creating videos on TikTok:

  • Recording with your camera and editing the video in a third-party app
  • Recording and editing within the TikTok app

Process Of Making TikTok Videos

  • Tap the plus sign located at the bottom of your TikTok app or you can tap the ‘Create’ button on your profile page.
  • Upload your video from the Camera Roll, or you can also film by tapping the ‘Record’ button
  • In case you are recording, you can choose from different options, such as: 15-second, 60-second or 3-minute. With new update, TikTok allows you to upload 10 minutes of video.
  • If you want to trim the length of your clips it can be done by tapping ‘Adjust Clips’ from the menu.
  • Upon tapping the music button at the top of the screen, the app will recommend tracks based on the content of your video, or you can also search the tracks
  • Add filters, text, or stickers to your videos by tapping the options from the menu.
  • You can also add speech-to-text to make it more accessible
  • Tap the Next button to finish uploading

Tips On Editing The Videos


1. Use the countdown timer

Inside the TikTok application, you can activate a countdown clock that will give you a 3-or 10-second commencement before the camera begins recording.

You can get to the clock on the primary screen subsequent to stirring things up around the plus symbol at the lower part of the screen.

2. Use filters, templates, and effects

TikTok offers numerous video filters inside the application, including filters, transitions, and A/R impacts.

A portion of the elements must be applied while you’re shooting your video content directly in the application — others can be applied to pre-recorded cuts.

One of the most famous and flexible effect is the Green Screen, which permits you to use a photograph or video as your background. TikTok makers frequently utilize this effect to record themselves responding to something, do a voiceover portrayal, or make a clone of themselves.

3. Create Looping Videos

On TikTok, when a video closes, it begins playing again from the start except if the watcher scrolls away.

Video finishing rate is a significant measurement on the platform, and having watchers watch your video at least a couple of times tells the TikTok calculation that your substance is drawing in (and ought to be surfaced on something else For You pages).

Thus, matching the completion of your video to the start of it to make a consistent circle can assist you with keeping your watchers snared — and it can help your create engagement.

4. Ensure You Have Good Lighting & Audio

It just takes a couple of bits of reasonable software to redesign the nature of your lighting and sound contrasted with your telephone’s camera and mic. Great lighting and sound can make your content appeal to additional individuals, assisting you with supporting your views and engagement rates.

Odds are good that you’ve seen how well known ring lights have become. They’re effectively accessible and really modest, and they can give you splendid, in any event, lighting, regardless of whether you’re recording in a dull room or one absent a lot of normal light.

Apparently having great sound is significantly more important than lighting. You’ll see some TikTokkers utilize the mouthpiece on their wired earphones to record their voice. It’s a slight redesign contrasted with the telephone mouthpiece, however on the off chance that you have no stuff, trying to keep in a peaceful space without diverting background noise will do.

5. Use Jump Cuts As Basic Transitions

Jump cuts are very simple to dominate and apply to practically each of different transitions. A jump cut basically includes putting an endless series of clasps without any in the middle between. In any case, the way to making it consistent is finishing the main clasp and beginning the second clasp with the subject in a similar spot inside the frame.

Our best tip is to film an excess for each clasp with the goal that you can chop down the clasps to adjust the subjects as close as could really be expected.

3 TikTok Editing Tools

With the consistently growing prominence of TikTok and Instagram Reels, numerous TikTok editing applications have sprung up for iOS and Android.

These applications can assist you with joining cuts together, embed music, add video filters, text, and images, and that’s just the beginning. The following are 3 apps you should look at:

All-in-one video editor: InShot

It appears to be that there’s no deficiency of across the board video editing applications. Our top suggestion is InShot, as it gives a lot of strong editing filters for free.

With InShot you can manage clasps, split and revise cuts, change speed and volume of sounds, remove sound, add filters and effects,and more.


Zoomerang is an all-in-one video editing application, with one key component that separates it: it offers in-application instructional guide that walk you through how to make TikTok challenges and moving video designs. The best part is that it’s free!

TikTok’s own editing app: CapCut

CapCut is a video editing application made by TikTok itself, so many of the features are customized for TikTok including moving stickers and custom TikTok text styles.

The application is totally free and can be utilized on iOS and Android. The CapCut TikTok account frequently presents instructional guides about how to edit videos for TikTok, for example, how to make the transition between two distinct looks.